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Please feel free to send us your thoughts on any aspect of Absolute Dental Care
Mr D K
Recently I got caught short when at 1pm of the 5th of August a 6 unit bridge snapped out from the front of my upper teeth. To you and me, I looked like Shane McGowan from the Pogues ! By 5 O'clock I'd been seen,treated and was even being advised on how to build my own website too,fantastic. What a service in a bright and warm setting from some of the nicest people you could meet. Cheers Rhodri,Kate and Rachel.

Mrs H D
....we have always found you to be pleasant, efficient, thorough and knowledgeable. Apart from the routine health checks you have undertaken, you have successfully carried out restorative work on my teeth as well as those of my husband....

....I have never enjoyed dental visits but having met Rhodri I felt more comfortable. He gave a warm welcome and showed interest in how things were with me. He also gave first class treatment....

Mrs M R
....the treatment I have received has always been first class. You have always put me at ease especially during some of the major work you have done on my teeth. I am really pleased with the advice you gave me on having porcelain caps on my front teeth. I would happily recommend you to any future patients....

....Your ability to minimise discomfort during treatment was remarkable....

Mrs V P
....I always found him very chatty putting me at ease and I was never kept waiting for my appointment. The treatment I have had has changed the whole outlook on life. It is now a pleasure to smile and show my teeth that are straight and white instead of uneven. I still after two and a half years still look and smile in any mirror I pass. Thank you Rhodri....

....I would like to thank you for having been such an understanding, patient and kind person. I am not the easiest of patients as I am terrified of any dentist but you made me feel comfortable with any work that you had to do. I appreciated the fact that you would stop at any time if I needed you to, for whatever reason - usually me panicking! I have never had a problem with any work carried out by you in the years you treated me....